The All Seeing Eye

by Valiant


Valiant Belvidere, Illinois

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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: The All Seeing Eye
Humanity has chosen its fate
By trusting in liars, we've been enslaved
subjected to surveillance, We can't escape
Big brother stares, through mechanical eyes
with unblinking gaze, under watch till we die

Privacy is a thing of the past
Losing freedom, with each new law passed
hidden cameras, view our daily lives
Watching closely, plotting mankind's demise

Awake from this nightmare, Quit living in your head
For your whole life you've been mislead

Trading freedom, for false security
We've given up our liberties

Don't allow your world to be controlled

Stop trusting in liars, and we'll be okay
We as a people, can decide our own fate
Big brother falls, when we tear out his eyes
Restoring the rights, we have all been denied
Track Name: Prison Planet
I wish I could flee, get away from here
But safety, can be found nowhere
And sadly, the world is unaware
Of the fate, their leaders have prepared
I feel imprisoned, by this corrupt system
There's no way to escape, I'm condemned to this fate
They've deceived all of us, by feeding us lies
We've received nothing but, a guaranteed demise
It's not too late, to rise up, so open your eyes
See the truth, before all hope is dead
Free your mind, and see the coming end
This world is shackled, bound with invisible chains
We must expose them, before no hope remains
Track Name: New World Disorder
Approaching the end of an age
Deprogressing fast
Mankind lives blindly as if
They've forgotten their past
The world We know is an Illusion
Propaganda fuels the confusion
Fork tongued leaders spew lies to deceive
How can this world be so damn naive?
The Holocaust happened to people just like us
But we ignore the injustice, right in front of us
Why can't We learn from our mistakes?
In secret they plot and plan
To exterminate the common man
Using the news to misinform
In shadows the New World Order is born
Promoting a false sense of peace
Like a wolf that's disguised as a sheep
Track Name: Live Free Or Die Trying
You've all been warned before
But you chose to ignore
The signs so obvious
Don't act oblivious

When were all shipped off
To forced labor camps
Global Enslavement
Is there final plan

The time is drawing near
When our rights disappear
Equipped with microchips
Mankind is forced to submit

Using safety to justify control
This world has sold its soul

I refuse to live my life, as a slave
I will remain free, till my dying day